Thursday, 9 November 2017

#31 Blackhole

Today is going to be a lengthy post, just because I want to let out yo my loyal listener, you.

By the time I'm writing this post, I'm currently listening to strong songs,
When I say strong, it means songs like Saosin, Matchbook Romance, and pretty much older The Used songs.

I just met with this girl, and she is nice, warmth, cheerful and I'm happy to be with around her.

We met at Tinder.

And as much as I know about her, she has a history just like mine; being hardbroken and finding a way out just like me.

And here, the story is actually is began to change its direction.

I like everything about her, the flawless, when it is actually the other charm side of her

The problem is,

I cant really know whether she had already move on from her past relationship.

It was hard for me, when I cant really read her heart. Whether being with me was her sweet escape from reality

even just for a while.

Just so to know that, she is ambitious, I can see her career path looked bright and she is capable to do much things.

And this also, where I stopped, hesitated, and numb for a little bit

Because, there is other side of me telling that I'm not worthy of her.

Even if I do, I cant really promise myself that I am ever ready for the relationship.

We both had no strings attached, just in the process of knowing each other.

This is hard, because the other side of me is as well, want her, longing of her, and maybe, love her.

We shared daily life stories together

What had she eat, her schedules and everything

Just I dont know

That she thinks alike, that I want her in my future, as much as, she, too.

But for now, it is just dark, and blurry.

Lets hope for the best.

She has a wonderful life, minus her ex being a jerk to her

He family too, is beautiful and warmth

On the other side, mine was broken, and I had very bad history in the past

The concerned I had right now is, is she willing to stay?

Because for the record, I'm not surprised with people leaving. It is norm.

But then, this insecurities kept killing me.

It's hard, to fall in love, when all the best things that occurred when I fell for someone,

became my past that I dont even want to remember.

Oh Allah, please guide me, as You are the most understanding, the most merciful.


Saturday, 28 October 2017

#35 Hilang

Hari demi hari
Silih berganti
Di perkarangan jauhari
Ku menanti
Sesuatu yang tak pasti
Di kemudian hari
Hatiku bagai dikunci
Tertutup dengan rapi
Hingga ku takuti
Oleh diriku sendiri
Akhirnya ku lalui
Berseorangan diri
Menanti imaginasi
Yang tak mungkin aku tepati
Yang mungkin dapat aku janji
Akan diriku kini
Biarlah aku jalani
Perjalanan yang tiada henti
Agar harapan yang penuh di hati
Akan terus mekar dan berapi
Bersama sama dengan orang yang ku cintai.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

#30 Fobia

Salam and hey

Today im gonna talk about fear. Everyobe has it, and not everyone has proper channel or way to vent it all out or counter those phobias.

Well i have one, at least im aware the most

My phobia, or my worries are basically

Getting too attached to someone,


I am gettting scared of losing people i care about.

This is why I always draws a line

In hoping that i will not cross it

In fear of i will not anticipated a huge disappointment

Because my heart gets shattered everytime

When a person walks away from my life


That is why i drew the line

To not get my hopes high

Just to let die in the middle of the road


Ive seen much, Ive heard enough

Or maybe
Just maybe

Im better off alone.

Just maybe.

Until today,

Ive not find any way yet to overcome this fear

That has been eating my souls for so many years now


I always believe that someone

Will let me out from this vicious cycle

Because I believe in faith and hopes.

What a dreamer, am I?

#29 Pergi Je

Salam and hey,

This post is dedicated to all people whom I care significantly, or insignificantly in my life.

If I do love you, I really do, and I mean it evey word I say.

But if you keep igoring me, somehow every people on earth will eventually become tired, including me.

I hate to say this, but you are just wasting both of our time.

I tried so hard to get to you and you acted as if I was nothing to you.

For that, I have neither strength or interest to keep this relationship going.

I just wish someone to love and like me the way I like and love her, too.

Love works both ways, not just one journey.

Im sorry

When time is gone, you will never able to see me again.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

#34 Berehat dari Perpecahan (literal meaning)

Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
Cause this hurts deeper than I thought it did
It has not healed with time
It just shot down my spine _ You look so beautiful tonight
Remind me how you laid us down
And gently smiled before you destroyed my life
Would you find it in your heart
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
Would you find it in your heart?
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
Would you find it in your heart?
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
You got much closer than I thought you did
I'm in your reach
You held me in your hands
But could you find it in your heart?
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
Would you find it in your heart?
To make it go away
And let me rest in pieces

Monday, 28 August 2017

#33 Siren berkumandang

Saturated, mess, blur.

In this instance, I'll take everything in this life.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

#32 Lukisan yang terindah

Sometimes it feels like I don't really know what's going on,
Time and time again it feels like everything is wrong in here.